Garage Floor Coating

Would you like to protect your garage floor from cracks and hydrostatic pressure?

Would you like to improve its appearance?

At Crack-X,we offer the application of a permanent,flexible,and decorative coating system.It is slip and crack resistant.

The process begins with a grinding or shot-blasting of the entire concrete surface.

Next, any floor cracks are repaired.They are opened up and cleaned out.The cracks are then primed with a waterproofing membrane.A liquid rubber base and a thickening activator completes the repair of the cracks.

The liquid polyurethane coating that is then applied penetrates deeply into poured concrete.It gets into the pores of the concrete(up to 1.5” deep) and produces solid rubber sealing plugs.These tiny plugs or sealing tentacles reach every pore or small crack and are able to hold back and reject ground water pressure.Elongation memory allows it to keep its original shape and size,whether it’s compressed or relaxed.It is able to withstand not only water pressure but also powerful forces from freeze/thaw cycles,gas pressure,vibration,and sudden shock due to its amazing 590% elongation capability.It remains flexible over time,never hardening or becoming brittle,never breaking down.

A liquid rubber base coating follows and then a waterproofing membrane broadcast coat .Finally,decorative color flakes are evenly broadcasted and then covered with a polyurethane top coat (creating a granite-like appearance).

Once cured,the result is as durable as a truck tire(that doesn’t break down) with the attractiveness of a showroom floor.

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